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Tom Julius, EdD

Dr. Julius brings 18 years of experience in higher education as a core faculty member at Antioch University New England (AUNE). Most recently he directed AUNE’s Integrated Learning Teacher Certification program, representing Antioch University in the New Hampshire Institutions of Higher Education Network and on the Council for Teacher Education. Tom has been a longstanding member of the AUNE Institutional Review Board and taken leadership roles both as director of Academic Assessment on the AUNE campus and as coordinator of the university-wide Assessment Resource Team.

In August 2015 Tom accepted the position of Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Student Services. He takes a leadership role in the offices of Academic Technology, the Virtual Writing Center, and the University Library System Services, as well as convening a number of Academic and Student Support Service resource groups such as the Assessment Resource Team, Institutional Review Board, Chief Student Services Officers, Disability Services, and Library Directors.

Tom is a life long educator with a career in elementary and early childhood education before joining the Antioch faculty. Topics of his publications and presentations range from portfolios as learning tools to classroom ecologies, authentic assessment, charter schools, critical skills, and place-based learning. He has been a program reviewer of elementary and higher education institutions for the New Hampshire Department of Education.

He was a founding charter author, parent, and board member of the Surry Village Charter School in Surry, New Hampshire. Tom earned his EdD from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, his MEd at AUNE, and his BA from the Eliot-Pearson Department of child Study at Tufts University.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Services,


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